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Antivirus scanners can be used to search for and remove malware on your computer. Usually, you need to download an executable exe file for this to work, but some modern services allow you to perform online scanning as well.

Online virus scan without downloading an installer

Cloud antivirus scanners have the ability to scan your system without installation or registration. A small file or archive is scanned for viruses online without downloading any programs to your computer. However, this method does not completely check the computer for viruses.

Kaspersky VirusDesk

When scanning, VirusDesk uses SecurityNetwork signatures. The scanner searches for and identifies many known threats, providing the user with detailed information about the problems found. Instructions for working with the service:

1. Open the page using your browser.

2. Select the file or link to check.

3. Click Check.

4. Wait for the scan to finish, which may take up to 2 minutes.

The file or link is scanned for viruses against anti-virus databases. At the end of the procedure, the site can send you a detailed scan report.

Important! There are no treatment options here. The main features of Kaspersky VirusDesk are scanning files and archives up to 50 megabytes in size (several files can be packed into an archive with a virus or infected password) and checking Internet links for potential threats.

Dr. Web

This online scanner scans files up to 10 megabytes using its antivirus databases. The tool cannot be called a complete solution for checking an entire computer for viruses, but it is perfect for spot scanning. This is how you can use Dr. Web Online:

1. Go to

2. Load the object to be examined using the "Select file" button.

3. Click "Check", and wait for the scan to finish.

Based on the results, Dr. Web Online provides the user with a complete report. If necessary, you can contact their support service.


This site analyzes suspicious files and URLs to detect malicious code. Virustotal can upload scanned files up to 128 megabytes in size. This is how you use the site:

1. In your browser, go to

2. Select the file to be checked using the "Upload file" button.

3. Wait while the system analyses the file.

Once complete, you can view the verification details and share them with the security community if you wish.

Eset Online Scanner

This is a free solution to easily and effectively remove malicious content from your computer without installing antivirus software. Key features of the utility are:

· Scanning without installing an application;

· Detection of all types of threats;

· Elimination of any malicious code, including unwanted entries in the registry;

· No need to log into an administrator account;

· No conflicts with installed anti-virus software;

· Capable of scanning the entire computer or a desired area (individual folders, startup items and the boot sector);

· Capable of deleting an infected object or moving it to a protected area (quarantine) for recovery.

Eset Online Scanner effectively fights all types of threats - viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware, phishing components, and more. ThreatSense proactive detection technology and up-to-date anti-virus databases make it possible to achieve extremely good results with its help. This is how you use it:

1. Go to the page.

2. Click the "Run" button and enter your e-mail address (confirmation by a code or by clicking on a link from the mailbox, as when registering elsewhere, will not be required).

3. Download and run the utility (the program is standalone and does not require installation).

4. Click the Get Started button.

5. Select whether or not to send anonymous data, enable or disable the feedback system and activate the "Continue" button.

6. Next, select the full, fast or custom scan method, and whether or not to quarantine infected files, and run the "Scan".

Upon completion of the scan, you can quarantine potentially dangerous files (if any are found) or delete them, view a detailed report, and optionally configure periodic scanning.

F-Secure Online Scanner

Allows you to scan and clean your computer of viruses, malware and spyware. It is an easy-to-use utility that leaves no trace on the system. It works autonomously and does not conflict with any other security software installed. To scan your computer for viruses using F-Secure Online Scanner, do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click the Run Now button, and download and run the executable file.

3. In the main window of the program, click "Accept" and then "Check".

4. Wait for the utility to scan.

The scan is performed several times faster, as compared to the previous tool, but, as you might expect, the scan quality suffers from this. Apart from the report on malware found, there are no additional options or settings.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

This is part of a series of free antivirus scanners and treatment utilities. The program works on the basis of so-called "Collective Intelligence" (that is to say, cloud scanning is used). According to the developers, the tool identifies threats that the main antivirus can easily miss. Instructions for use:

1. Go to

2. Click the Scan Now button, and download and install the utility while following the instructions.

3. Start the program, select Analyze all PC or Analyze other elements.

4. Wait while the program checks your computer.

5. Follow the instructions displayed by the program to clean the PC from viruses (if any).

Thanks to its cloud technology, you can exchange information about malware with other Panda Security users, thereby automatically improve the protection of the system, including that of your computer.


This is a free cloud-based solution created by Japanese developers for on-demand scanning. Trend Micro Housecall scans critical areas of the operating system for active malware using a cloud. Key features of the utility are:

· A full and random check with the "Quick scan" option;

· Full autonomy, allowing one to avoid the compatibility problem that exists with online browser scanners;

· Cloud Smart Scan technology, providing up-to-date protection;

· Review and restore functions, as well as compare results and rollback files if necessary;

· Technology for detecting and removing rootkits and other "heavy" malware.

In short, this is a full-featured scanner that eliminates the threat when it detects infected objects or spyware. This is how you use it…

1. Go to the official page

2. Download and run your scanner (no installation is required).

3. Click Scan Now (the Setting button allows you to select a single file, a group of files for scanning, and configure other options).

4. Wait until the end of the check, which may take a long time.

If viruses are found, select an action in the Action field and follow further instructions. When finished, you can view a detailed test results.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

This is a proprietary free on-demand antivirus scanner from Microsoft. It detects and removes various malicious software from your device in automatic mode. Microsoft Safety Scanner can work in one of three scanning levels:

· Fast - with analysis of the most vulnerable areas of the Windows operating system;

· Complete - with a scrupulous analysis of all components (the process takes a very long time to complete, up to several hours).

· Custom - check the contents of a user-specified folder or a separate file.

The scanner does not conflict with other antivirus software and, being requiring fairly low resources, can be used as an operational tool for additional scanning of a file or the operating system as a whole, in addition to your already-installed basic protection. Instructions for use:

1. Download the executable file from

2. Run MSERT.exe (no installation required).

3. Select the type of scan (fast, full, custom) and click "Next".

4. Wait for the scan to complete.

The scanner detects and automatically removes viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs. You can view the detailed test results by clicking on the corresponding button.

Important! Microsoft Safety Scanner license expires 10 days after its first use. Subsequent checks taking into account the latest signature updates are performed by re-downloading and running the program.

McAfee Stinger

A separate program that can be useful for detecting and fighting certain viruses. McAfee Stinger is not a complete alternative to a full suite of antivirus software, but it can be useful as a specialized emergency tool in case of a suspected system infection. You can check your computer for viruses using this scanner as follows:

1. Download the utility from the official site

2. Run the executable file, click Scan for a full scan, or click on the Customize my scan line to select a single file or group of files to scan.

3. Upon completion of the scan, remove dangerous objects (if any) by going to the "Quarantine" block.

Stinger works in integration with Real Protect, a real-time detection technology that tracks suspicious object activity. You can configure scan modes and options in the Advanced tab in the Settings section,. The Log block contains detailed information about current and previous checks.

It is not necessary to install heavy and clumsy anti-virus suites to scan your computer for security threats. Small but very effective utilities, and in some cases online services, do an excellent job of scanning the operating system.

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